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1899 Indoor Golf Adds New Location in Shaker Heights

1899 Indoor Golf Adds New Location in Shaker Heights 

1899 Indoor Golf has added a third location in Shaker Heights, bringing new dining and entertainment options that appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike. The new Shaker Heights Social Club location joins Canton and CLE East in Twinsburg, each with their own menu, private lounge and dining options.  

Casual Fine Dining Full-Service Restaurant 

The Shaker Heights location is the first to feature a full restaurant with casual fine dining and a chef-inspired menu that rotates local and seasonal selections. See our full menu here.  

(Quote from 1899 owner about the new restaurant experience.) 

Realistic Indoor Golf  

The location also includes nine indoor golf bays that use TrackMan® virtual golf technology – the same one the pros use. With TrackMan golf simulators, you can play more than 160 courses worldwide, including famed courses such as St. Andrews. You can test your skills or just play for fun.  

Live Music Options 

1899 Shaker Heights also features a stage for live music.  

(Quote from 1899 owner about live music events they plan to have) 

Check out our site for updates on music events.  

The Trophy Room  

As with all 1899 Indoor Golf locations, there is a private well-appointed lounge. At 1899 Shaker Heights, our VIP space is called The Trophy Room. This space is hidden, speakeasy-style, behind a bookshelf door. It includes upscale lounge furniture, making it a perfect location for after-work drinks, date nights or larger parties and gatherings.  

Connected to The Trophy Room is our exclusive private chef’s room that can accommodate up to 12 guests. Our Executive Chef, Nathaniel Thomas, can work with you to customize a menu and drink pairings for a private event, featuring an unparalleled dining experience.  

The new 1899 Social Club in Shaker Heights is located at 20040 Van Aken Blvd, Shaker Heights, Ohio. Book a tee time or find out more.