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Best-In-Class Golf Simulator Technology

Play The Top 100 Courses From Around The world

Thanks to drone mapping and 4K high-definition graphics for simulated golf courses, you can feel like you’re at Pebble Beach.  

Our indoor golf club's course library now features 250+ championship level golf courses, including 48 tour venues. Notable courses include: Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Muirfield Village, Firestone South, PGA National, Spanish Bay and Medinah to name a few.  

Indoor Golf Simulator Technology

Play indoor virtual golf with the best technology. At 1899, we have TrackMan® 4, featuring dual-radar golf simulator technology - and it makes a difference.  

With the right golf performance software, you can: 

  • Play a realistic round of indoor golf, with real-time performance tracking 

  • Improve your game with 26 impact and ball flight parameters – for every swing you make 

  • Have access to hundreds of model swings from tour players 

TrackMan is simply one of the most intelligent virtual golf simulators on the planet. The world’s leading coaches and players use it for insights and recommendations to help improve their game.  

But it’s also just an enjoyable round of golf.

How Does Simulator Golf Work?

With an indoor golf simulator, you hit a real ball, standing on a mat, while viewing a screen that shows the course you’ve selected to play. TrackMan® golf courses are rendered in extreme detail, so you really feel like you’re there. The golf simulator tracks the ball flight and the club movement. The simulator shows the ball flight and landing on screen and then provides data regarding a variety of metrics (shown below). 

What is dual Technology?

TrackMan® 4 measures both the club and the ball in action – that’s the dual technology at work. You will see the stats immediately on screen and can access them at any time with the integrated TrackMan app. You now have the ability to dial in the exact distance of every club in your bag. Using a high-resolution radar beam, the TrackMan provides details with extreme accuracy, about the club and the ball, from point of impact through its flight.  

Is Indoor, Simulated Golf Accurate?

In short, yes. Trackman is the most accurate ball tracking technology on the market. No technology is perfect, but we typically see less than a handful of misreads out of 100 shots. Keep in mind that Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer of all time, misses the green 20% of the time from 100 to 110 yards in the fairway. We mention this because when you come up short on 150 yard shot that is slightly uphill and into a light wind the Trackman isn't wrong. Maybe you hit it off the toe slightly or perhaps you caught it a little heavy, either way having realistic exceptions makes all golf more fun.

What If I’m Not a “Real” Golfer?

Maybe you’ve never played golf. Or you do, but you’re mostly there for the drinks and to hang out with your friends. Hey, we get it! And 1899 is not just for serious golfers, even though our technology is seriously amazing.  

We promise – virtual golf is fun for all ages and all abilities. With three locations, 1899 Indoor Golf offers a variety of experiences, fantastic menus and craft cocktails.

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